du 3 mars au 27 avril 2023

Usually used in camera and lighting lenses, dichroic glass, also known as two-toned glass, is produced through a unique and fully automated dipping technique. The inorganic process and the organic outcome offer an intriguing contrast. Inspired by the appearance of the material, the duo believes the beauty of dichroic glass deserves a new platform. Hence their collection “Dichroic”, where the characteristics of the material are celebrated.
Seeking understanding of the occurring phenomenon, the spectator is invited to investigate the object trough movement. Every perspective offers a new color pallet, invites interaction, and challenges perception.

This ancient looking object captures all the reflections of the surrounding space. Created with a special heating process of the multilayered dichroic material the glass will have marvelous subtile deformations and cracks that produce unexpected reflection patterns. These patterns, colours and transparencies will change depending on the view angle.

This light object immediately draws the eye’s attention. It is designed to make the hidden colours of the dichroic glass visible. The light will reflect between the two dichroic sheets so the hidden complementary colors of the sheet will be merging and visible in an in-depth echoing arc. Buy making both the transmission and reflection colours visible, a mesmerizing bouquet of colours will flourish.

The design of this mirror is inspired by the effect of “chromatic aberration”. Colours with different wavelengths have different refraction angles that create a colourful glow of the complementary colours on each side. By using dichroic glass, we designed a mirror that magnifies this effect. The mirror creates a glimpse into a colourful wonderland and is designed to make people wonder!

WALL OBJECT Magenta & Green
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