Mark SturkenboomWhat A Time to Be Alive

May 12th to June 11th -2022

2015 – present
stalagmites / crystals, brass, gold pigment, aluminum
Our world is cluttered with stuff, how would the world look like a few thousand years from now?
Overgrown is a series of chandeliers and candelabra that appear to be relics from that desolate flooded world where the influence of time is key.
A theme that’s intertwined with Sturkenboom’s oeuvre.

Mirror objects
Steel, aluminium, chrome, silver
Various sizes , aprox h150 * w80 * d15 cm / aprox 10 – 15 kg
All unique pieces, made from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche
We live in a world where there is an urge to possess. The world of the haves and the have-nots. We want to show off with luxurious, expensive and grand items. Mark Sturkenboom responds to our collective thirst with the series What A Time To Be Alive, mirror objects made from crashed supercar doors like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche. Cars that symbolize the current worship of the ‘nouveau riche’ and play with our thirst to possess. Sturkenboom reinvents a new status quo by disarticulating and materializing a fierce fraction of a second, transforming a high impact collision into a solid state. Their liquid-like reflective state is the result of hundreds of hours excessive polish work.

Glass, 14kt goldplated brass, plastics, 500 euro bill
20*15*15cm, 0,5kg
Watching time fly by illustrates a new way of experiencing time.
This table-clock doesn’t show you what time it is but allows one to see the passing of time..
In the glass shell there is a fly, made out of a 500 euro bill,
that flies exactly one round each minute.
It is actually possible to see time flying by. Pablo Picasso already told us;
‘What one can imagine is by definition part of reality’

Object / fragrance bottle
glass, 18kt goldplated brass, leather.
Env 40 x 40 x 20 cm
ongoing edition (unique pieces)

Love Potion is a series of mouth blown and handcrafted glass bottles that hold an elixir based on pheromones and (animal) instinct. The bottles visualize the art of craving and waiting, as they stand on the verge of eruption. ‘Romantic timepieces’ as Sturkenboom calls them. For this collection we worked together with the glass blowers and glass cutting artisans from the GlassFactory in Boda, Sweden.

What A Time To Be Alive
What A Time To Be Alive
Love Potion
Watching Time Fly By
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