February 23Lucas Huillet, vases Bond

BOND, series of vases Red and white earthenware, polypropylene cord Red stoneware from Burgundy and stoneware from Saint-Amand, polypropylene rope "The Bond vase was born from the alliance of my ceramic work and the practice of bondage. The anthropomorphic forms of the deformations come to clash and assemble. The whole is contained by a rope made in Shibari. Shibari means "tied, bound", this word is used in Japan to describe the art of tying packages, in the West, it means the art of bondage ("kinbaku" in Japanese) Even if the practice evokes a certain violence by the restriction of movement, it is in reality an art that is practiced with a deep respect for the person or object that is tied. The rope must be applied with the right tension; the knots distribute, amplify or release the forces it exerts around the piece according to their orientation and tightness, and without ever hurting, damaging or breaking the thing being tied. It's all about balance." Technique: The knot used is called Futumomo. Traditionally, this knot is used to tie a leg by tying a thigh to the calf. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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