ToolsGalerie has been operating in Paris since 2003.

The gallery moved to the Marais, then in 2013 near the Boulevard Saint Germain. It has been working since 2018 without a permanent location, and has reopened in 2020 a small space at 16 rue des Coutures Saint Gervais in PARIS, a stone's throw from the Picasso Museum.

For 17 years the gallery has been dedicated to the exclusive promotion of contemporary design, through the realization of thematic or monographic exhibitions and through the edition, distribution of objects and furniture in limited edition.

The eclecticism of the program reflects the complexity and diversity that make up the richness of the discipline, with permeable borders to other fields such as contemporary art, craft and crafts, and of course industrial design.

Two main axes have been privileged:

- Dutch design: a large number of exhibitions were dedicated to Dutch designers, and in particular to the Eindhoven school, which over the last fifteen years has influenced the global design scene through its conceptual and creative positioning, anchored in societal concerns.

In this respect, the gallery has programmed exhibitions of the DROOG movement, set up the first exhibition of Maarten Baas in France, and shown the work of Ineke Hans and Marcel Wanders, major current figures of Dutch design.

- Young French design is another important and recurring part of the program through group exhibitions "Jeunes Pousses", and monographic exhibitions including Radi designers, Laurent Massaloux, Norma studio, Olivier Sidet, Matthieu Lehanneur, Ionna Vautrin, and more recently Johan Viladrich.
Frédéric Ruyant and Guillaume Delvigne are close partners who have been and are regularly exhibited and published exclusively.

ToolsGalerie has also participated in various important events such as FIAC, Art Basel, PAD Paris on several occasions, and Collectible in Brussels.

Most of the furniture or edited objects have been produced in France, in collaboration with renowned craftsmen or companies of excellence: for wood, we can mention Hubert Weinzierl and ARCA (grand prix de la Ville de Paris and Bettencourt prize for the intelligence of the hand), for ceramics Claude Aiello potter in Vallauris and finally for bronze the Fonderie Bocquel and Susse fondeur. She also called upon Serge Amuroso for leather work, the Tai ping company for its carpets, and Matteo Gonnet, the Swiss glassblower, who also exhibits his creations at the gallery.

Furniture or objects published by Toolsgalerie were acquired during this period internationally by the MAD New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and the Musée Royal de Mariemont, as well as major French institutions such as the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris and Bordeaux, the Fnac, the Frac Pas de Calais, and finally the Musée des Arts de St Etienne and recently by the Mobilier National.