April 2 to May 29, 2010

ToolsGalerie will offer, from April 2nd, a selection of pieces by European designers for which metal processing techniques, combined with other materials, are the genesis of the projects. Simple bending, use of construction materials or existing metal parts, traditional embossing, polishing, cold rolling, pressure inflation... Metal in almost all its states will be in the spotlight. NATHALIE DEWEZ CL wall lamp, 2009 TONI GRILO Bibendum, 2009 Emoi et moi, 2010 CHRIS KABEL Mesh chair, 2006 MATHIEU LEHANNEUR Delicious, 2010 LLOT LLOV Vases, Assah, Fide , and Mata 2009 OSKAR ZIETA Chippensteel flesh, 2009 3+ Platte, 2008
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