Mai 18 to July 15-2017

Le carre rive gauche is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2017 and has chosen the theme "extraordinary" as a common theme for its members.

ToolsGalerie presents for this occasion 40 works by young or confirmed designers, craftsmen, artists or architects.

You will discover in particular...crystals invading candelabra, logs that have been tattooed, or adorned with gold and coral, or dressed in fake marble.

A strange vortex in the heart of a carpet, plants and animals that hybridize to create mutant objects will amaze you.

A postcard-like lamp depicting a mountain range made of onyx will illuminate the window. Wood will become lace, a small dragon or chimera will invade a soap carpet, a cowhide will metamorphose into a small chair, a marble mobile will fly over our heads...

Romain Vayson de Pradenne
Konstantin Landuris
Toni Grilo
Eric Gizard
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