Novembre 30-2015 to February 20-2016

To fully and serenely accommodate his new concept, Loïc Bigot chose another location, another neighborhood, even another side of the river. The second generation ToolsGalerie is now on the Left Bank, near St Germain-des-Prés. A genuine Golden Triangle, a symbolic bridge between knowledge and know-how. An ideal venue, divided into two 45m2 spaces. One on the ground floor, with three windows opening onto the street, the other in the basement. To complete the renovation, Loïc Bigot asked architect Cyprien Bru, who also redesigned his apartment, to entirely revamp the space. On the street level, we chose to bring the outdoors inside. Hence the choice of sandblasted and brushed grey natural stone flooring, along with grey and white walls. The three windows were designed as white boxes in which mini-exhibitions can be housed. The ground floor is a space dedicated to temporary exhibitions, with potential modulations according to topics covered. The basement is devoted to the permanent collection, which will be gradually renewed three times a year. We wanted this section to feel more like a home, with a backlit corner bench upholstered in vintage orange fabric allowing us to welcome our clients more comfortably. Ultimately, it’s a more sophisticated and cosy place than Tools in the Marais, Loïc Bigot explains. STOOLS4TOOLS A series of five mooring objects, dynamic sculptures, like pieces of modern totems, designed by Guillaume Delvigne. Their very names evoke travel, here or elsewhere: Chaos, Magma, Rift, Cairn, Utah. Simple forms, inspired by harbour bollards, as if to anchor the new-generation Tools in its space, but also in its new future. Seemingly simple materials - wood, bronze, marble, granite, leather etc. are enhanced by superb finishes and patinas created in the best workshops.
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