Arnout VisserBasket Stools

January 9 to February 28

ToolsGalerie presents the project BASKET STOOLS, by ARNOUT VISSER, Dutch designer who focuses on his favorite material: glass.
Arnout Visser is the creator of iconic pieces, such as the oil and vinegar maker "Salad Sunrise" or the "Function tiles" published by Droog Design.
For this project, he has developed and adapted a thousand-year-old technique inspired by lost wax casting, which he calls "lost basket". The glass is heated to 700 degrees and becomes malleable enough to fill the interlacing of a wicker basket. The basket weave leaves its imprint on the piece after cooling. Visser has developed a range of colors that are applied to the inside of some stools, others remain transparent - a rustic representation of a void, giving the craft a decorative and ghostly presence.

Basket 12 - H 37 cm
Basket 11 - H 61 cm
Basket 4 - H 52 cm
Basket 2 - H 47 cm
Basket 1 - H 49 cm
Basket 9 - H 35 cm
Basket 5 - H 29 cm
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