COLLECTIBLE 2020Floriane Dulurieb

du 5 au 8 mars 2020

BIOTA is a collection of eleven vases which are exclusively made from
found materials. Playing with her 0 kilometer locality, Floriane Dulurieb
is pairing natural and technical processes for both the organic and
inorganic substances to seamlessly coexist.
She works around the transversal idea of “what is new and non new”:
Considering that oils and minerals, composed by years of deposits from
all the humans, animals and plants, are already a recycled product of
nature. And that in the discarded metals and plastics, once transformed
by hands and machines, there are already fragments of shape and
knowledge to be instantly envisioned.
From this environmental approach, as sensible as contextual, the
designer creates in between industrial duplications and handcraft
uniqueness, untied to an industry of consuming new resources but
exploring an industry of readjusting what exists.

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