1 / 2 Inge Becka & Mariëtte Wolbert/The Big Ridge

The Big Ridge

Inge Becka & Mariëtte Wolbert

Silver – gold
Mat & shiny inside
Inge Becka, designer of porcelain and Mariette Wolbert, designer of textile have compiled together a collection called
'The Ridge Collection’. The basis of this collection is a woven cloth by the design of Mariette and hand-woven in India.
This cloth design was nominated for the 'Dutch Design Award’. Mariette utilizes this cloth in 3D-objects and tiles.
Yearly working in China as a resident artist, Inge uses these objects and tiles to make plaster moulds for porcelain clay
casting. The form and shape of these castings are individually distorted and adapted, making each object unique. Hence
also by working in this manner ‘The Ridge Collection' is made in small series only. Via Purmerend, India, Westbeemster
and China ‘The Ridge Collection 2015' is formed.