Christian Lacroix/Drag in Grag on

Drag in Grag on

Christian Lacroix

"Drag in a dragon in drag dragging on… etc… repeated endlessly. A carpet masquerading as a dragon, or a dragon as a carpet designed in silk thread, with a corner reminiscent of tradition in the manner of Aubusson. In Arles, one would call it a drac, the Occitan word for dragon - a benevolent beast that lives in the basement of homes and protects them. This particularly debonair example is more of a puffer than a burner, and may be vested with the same duties and powers."
Christian Lacroix

« Chimère » by Christian Lacroix and savonnerie.
Silk and wool. Manufacturer Tai Ping

170 X 240 cm ou 200 x 280 cm

ED TOOLSGALERIE 5 + 1 AP + 1 prototype